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Painty thing- Namen by LaudyLau

I absolutely LOVE the mouth you painted here. I cannot do mouths like that, and it looks extremely smooth and perfect. The irises of he...



3566-2524-0759 <---friendcode. Les be friends guys. o@


FIRS' THINGS FIRS' one of the best artists I know just opened up her commissions so if any of you want to get in on that, --->… <--- click that link right there to go to her journal with the info on how to commission. Her prices are SUPER cheap so you should check it out.


I went on vacation to Texas for a week to have good times with with the lovely Miyanko and Miniyuna AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. My sunburn is finally mostly gone! :D Since then I've been working. A LOT. Lately. I've been told my hours may drop down to a normal persons when it hits wintertime, since payroll won't be great, but I worry they'll just drop everyone else's hours like last year. I love the money I'll get for these weeks, forsure, but it's been really hard finding time to draw. I AM trying my bestest to submit at least three things for :iconskyloft-academy:'s current mini event. BUT ANYWAYS, in the event my hours do loosen up a bit, I will be drawing more, and hopefully finishing some things. Kinda wanna draw DBZ stuff but Iunno.

I'mma be getting a Wiiyooo with the WW HD and the Zelda design and the yesss. I'm also trying to play Fire Emblem and I find nothing but UTTER TERROR that I'm doing it entirely wrong and that I should be focusing on different things in the game. SERIOUS but UNRELATED QUESTION: Should I replay Twilight Princess? It's my second-to-least favorite of all the Zelda games. To ME at least, the feel was wrong, the game felt lazily empty and boring, and the characters felt weak. After something astoundingly wonderful like Windwaker, it felt like they put all the focus into how realistic they could make things look, instead of how fun. I remember everything being a little too browned out and a little too faded. I remember long travel distances with nothing to do in them, as opposed to games like Majora's Mask that had endless sidequests and things to do everywhere you looked. Am I just remembering it wrong? Should I give it a second try? :/


United States
Current Residence: Illinois
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rawk, Techno, Emo, Pop... everything but rap/country?
Favourite style of art: Semi-realism using digital art. Gawd the secksay.
Operating System: Uhh...'puter?
Shell of choice: F-R-E-D-F-R-E-D-B-U-R-G-E-R
Skin of choice: Yes.
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy
Personal Quote: Gabba © ME.

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Nuuuu dduunnnn ;A; //Sawbu/

I have more stuff I need to add later actually xD

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